1ozt Great Britain Silver Britannia
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1ozt Great Britain Silver Britannia

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Produced annually at the Royal Mint in the United Kingdom, this numismatic bullion coin bears the classic Standing Britannia design of its namesake created by Philip Nathan in 1987 for gold bullion production. It has been used in silver Britannia bullion production since 1997. From 1999 to 2011, each odd year featured an alternate, non-repeating design of Britannia, but since 2013 has only featured the original design.

This 2£ coin measures 38.61mm in diameter and weighs 31.21g with a fineness of .999 for a net weight of 1ozt pure silver. Silver Britannias are also available in fractional units: 5ozt(10£), 1/2ozt(1£), 1/4ozt(50p), 1/10ozt(20p), and 1/20ozt(10p). They are available in investment-grade strikes as well as collectible-grade formats, such as Proof and Reverse Proof specimens. The measure, weight, and purity of the coins are verified at the centuries-old annual Trial of the Pyx and guaranteed by the British government.

Various years may be available, so please call for specific dates.

Because precious metal values continuously fluctuate on the global commodities market, bullion orders cannot be automatically processed online. Please call (210)980-9200 for the current spot price and details about how to place your bullion order.

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