2017 Great Britain 2ozt Silver Queen's Beasts "The Griffin"
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2017 Great Britain 2ozt Silver Queen's Beasts "The Griffin"

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The second coin of this 10 coin series produced by the Royal Mint depicts The Griffin of Edward III, one of the heraldic beasts that stood guard over the coronation of the Queen. The Griffin was a mythical creature that had the body and tail of a lion and the talons, wings and head of an eagle, combining the courage and strength of the king of beasts with the vigilance and swiftness of the king of birds, to create the powerful and benevolent King of all Creatures. It was used as a heraldic badge for many generations, most notably by King Edward III as his personal seal.

This 5£ coin measures 38.61mm in diameter and weighs 62.42g with a fineness of .9999 for a net weight of 2ozt pure silver. The measure, weight, and purity of the coins are verified at the centuries-old annual Trial of the Pyx and guaranteed by the British government.

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